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Kristen Stewart from Twilight with Dinkyccino on Location for Universal Studios

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Dinkyccino with Kawasaki

Corporate day for Ferarri

About Us

Company Profile

Dinkyccino is run by Adrian Lucking. Dinkyccino is a small independent business. The main focus of Dinkyccino is to bring high quality coffee to any event any time. Suitable for everything from Weddings, Sporting Events, Festivals, Business Seminars and more! Just call now to find out how easy it is to book Dinkyccino for your event.

Adrian Lucking has been trained at the London School of Coffee , a state of the art training facility, recognised as one of the most prestigious places to study being a barista in the world. It has a very small intake in each course, to give the highest quality training.

Dinkyccino not only offers high quality coffee, we have a wide range of other hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks and treats.

Why You Choose Us

  • Quality
    We only use roasted espresso coffee in our professional Astoria espresso machine which is the base of all our wonderful coffee drinks, from our crema espresso (that dark short strong coffee) to our mocha (really smooth coffee with a blend of chocolate).
  • Portability
    We can easily set up at any venue in the UK. Dinkyccino prides itself on great portability, while maintaining the highest quality.
  • Efficiency
    Dinkyccino takes up a very small amount of space, unlike many other vendors it won't engulf an event. Dinkyccino can be set up unobtrusively and quickly.
  • Expertise
    Adrian Lucking is a highly trained Barista, having completed training at the London School of Coffee.